Unable to buy groceries

We have just arrived here from India. Unable to buy groceries for daily needs as it's not English. Finding difficult to weigh vegetables. How do you people manage in supermarkets??

Unable to buy groceries? You're telling us that if you take food to the cashier they won't take your money and let you take the food out?  :huh: A lot of people can complete this process without uttering a single word, just look at the register for the total and give them that much money.

Have you tried observing the other people in the store? Asking someone in the store for assistance?

To buy veggies in careefour I cannot locate the item name to tag n weigh it

I had same doubt when I arrived: it was enough to observe how other people was doing. I then pretended to forget to weight my vegetable and moved directly to pay. Then I found out that, in most of supermarket in Warsaw, you don't have to weight your groceries: cashier will do it. Cash machines usually embed a scale.

I share romaniac' s concerns.  :/

Yea in careefour it is expected to weigh but in supersam they did for us.

In worst case, you can buy them on-line. All of the supermarkets (e.g. Piotr i Paweł, Tesco, Auchan, Carrefour, et ...) make home deliveries you can pay with credit card at the door. This would bypass the issue to map czosnek to garlic, etc... :)

I am pretty happy with quality of meat, vegetables and fruits from Tesco.
I guess quality of others is good as well.

I am kind of ’scared≈ about this too. I usually like to know what I am buying... Of course you can know that sausages are...sausages... but what if they are veggie sausages!? :P

Relax, most of Poles consider "veggie sausages" a pure blasfemy!  :dumbom:

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