Jogging group near Marina Hall

Hey all,

I have been jogging from Marina Mall to the Scientific center and back,   Its appx. 5.4KM.    I see a lot of other joggers.   Any body interested in doing a group run?

Meet at Marina Cresent near pizza express at 630 p.m. Monday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.   I'll be there.... will you?

Hi there,

There is a nice big group of expats that jog every saturday at 8 am ...they gather at starbucks marina...You should join them

Check their insta ( @runfie)

except I'm at work at 8 am Saturday morning.   thanks

Other groups meet and run there too :P they start at the middle, where construction is taking place, i dont think they have a name, but if u have a number on whatsapp they can add u to their group - theres also P5M (project 5 miles) at shaheed park and the puma club run there too

I run/jog in mishref, around block 3- there is a track which is used for walking, running, jogging and cycling. I usually go most evenings, after 9:00 PM  :o while i usually jog/run alone, i wouldn't mind company!

I do know it is a bit late to jog/run, but that is my best time of the day :(

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