Fingerprints in Bulgaria

In case any US citizen wants to be fingerprinted in Bulgaria to initiate the FBI Criminal Records report without going back to the US, here is what to do:

1. Learn Bulgarian language

2.  The US Embassy said local police departments will take fingerprints.  The Burgas Police Dept refused to take fingerprints unless it was book you into jail.  Sorry, no thanks.

3. Next, the Research Institute of Forensic Science and Criminology (RIFSC) will take your fingerprints.  The office in the Center at the Ministry of Interior, 29 6th of September, does not do the fingerprinting.

4.   Go to the website   
       Under Activities link on the left, find instructions to wire the 14.40 lv fingerprinting fee to the      Ministry of Interior account in advance,  BRING a RECEIPT FOR PROOF OF PAYMENT.

4.  Take a cab/drive to the The American College of Sophia, approximately 8 km SE from the Center. Or  take the Metro and exit the last stop, Business Park. The American College is about  300m to the NW,  Use Google maps or GPS or ask people how to get there.  The RIFSC building is a 5 story building located at the rear of the American College campus,  Ask directions if necessary,

5.  Several people speak English and will facilitate getting the fingerprints.

6.  The FBI does not require the fingerprints to be apostilled or certified, just legible.  The RIFSC tried to certify the fingerprints at the National Police HQ, which I declined.

7.  Learn Bulgarian language

Alternatively, you can take your own fingerprints using a black inkpad and printing out the fingerprint card from the FBI website. There are instructions online and it saves the hassle of having them "professionally" done. ;)

Hi - I am unclear about your previous post - did you actually get the fingerprints done at the American College of Sofia? And, did they certify them for you?


I have already downloaded the FBI print card - however, it seems they need to be signed by the professional taking the prints, so they can't be done personally. Have you actually submitted a card on which you printed yourself? Were there any issues?

I have done it myself, submitted them with my background check and had no problems.  (This was in 2013). To be fair, I have experience being fingerprinted every year for several years to renew my license for working with kids, so I was comfortable doing it on my own.

On the FBI page it clearly states that the card must have your name and date of birth. Nothing else is required. … ary-checks  They suggest using a tech, if you can, but do not require it.

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