Compound in Jeddah closest to Aramco standards

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to move to Jeddah next year and I have heard the waiting lists are long for decent compounds so I'm starting early. I have visited the Aramco (Dammam) and Kaust camps and they are fantastic. Excellent facilities, security and environment, everything top notch with even a hospital and private schools.

Which compounds in Jeddah come closest to the same level of quality and environment?  What is the approximate cost per annum?

Thanks for the details.

Nothing in Jeddah compares to KAUST. The new KAEC might, but it is at least an hour outside of Jeddah.

If you want bigger compounds than go for Arabian Homes (Sierra or Andulus (smaller, but residents have access to Sierra) or Basateen.  Cost depends on size, but both will run easily 150,000 for a small place and go over 200,000 for the larger sizes.

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