Attestation of BSc OBU.

Is there any one who got attestation of BSc OBU recently? Please let me know the procedure and good agent.

@Qasim Ali. Although it's a bit late to reply. But can you update here whether you got the BSc from Oxford Brookes university attested ?

@Nabeel butt. No i did not get. Saudi culture in uk is not attesting as it is saying its distance learning. Have you tried hec equivelence certificate to attest from Saudi embassy in Pakistan.

No I haven't. I'm just in the process of applying for membership.  This is really heart breaking BTW. So what other routes did you consider ?

I tried the SOCPA Associate membership too. It doesn't count as well lol.

Can you share your number with me ?

@Nabeel.butt, I also have a OBU degree and stamped from British Council in Saudi, is it enough? I also want to know whether attestation is necessary in order to change profession in iqama?

Are you attesting your BSc OBU degree for profession change or family visa, may I know? May I also know SOCPA Membership is of no use in what matters?

Your kind help with this will be highly appreciated. Please help me if there are any other ways you have tried and succeeded.

Thanks in advance

@rafi5210 - Yes i wanted to get the OBU degree attested for the purposes of both Family visa ease (although am not married) and getting a good profession on the Iqama.

I tried several other ways from contacting agents in the UK to contacting ACCA, who replied that we are currently in talks with MoFa Saudi Arabia. , none worked for me.

SOCPA membership is one of the ways i tried to get the profession change done, it didn't work either.

So yeah i have kinda exhausted all options.

Good luck if you find any other option and do update the thread.

@Nabeel.butt, Thank you so much for prompt reply !

I am under my father's iqama and lived here since last 20 years. I got a job, and now, want to transfer my iqama to a company. So, as per researched knowledge, my profession will become labour initially during transfer, which should be later changed to Accountant profession.

So in order to change my profession, will they require attested degree?

If my profession does not change, can I continue to work as a labour in my profession?

Your response will be highly appreciated

@rafi5210 Excuse me for the delayed reply.

//So, as per researched knowledge, my profession will become labour initially during transfer, which should be later changed to Accountant profession.// : To be honest it isn't always the case. I know few people who had degree attested from their respective countries prior to transferring the Iqama and they did get good professions.

Well profession change without degree is really hard nowadays and i would suggest you not to do it through illegal means. Try asking your company's mabdoob to get you a profession better than Labor which don't require a attested degree. They have a list of such professions : Computer technician and Sales Rep being one of them.


Thank you for providing recommendations.

Just want to ask few questions, if you can answer:

1. You have gained SOCPA membership. Have you gained via OBU Degree or ACCA?

2. Advanced Diploma ACCA (equivalent to Bachelor's Degree), if one attest this, will it count to change profession?

3. May I know what is your current profession, if you want to disclose?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Can someone please advise if theres a way to change profession to accountant or any finance profession for OBU degree holders?

Did you find out brother? Can we get socpa registration on the basis of OBU?

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