Ancient cities in Iran

I hope this Letter find you well.
Today I want to talk about ancient cities in my love country Iran . One of the famous of them is Takhte Jamshid ( Perspolis) .
This city build in Hakhamaneshian emperor on 518 BC , it mean this city build arround 2500 - 3000 years ago, all of the city made by heuge stone and nice statue on them, the city had 43'600 people who live there, the Darioush emperor start for build this city , the city has 6 palace like Hadish palace , Apadana palace , Tacher palace, Nation palace and others, the total building of these palace is 123000 sqm , the important point about this building is , all of the labour who work there has salary for their work and their work volunteer .
This city 40 km far from Shiraz city in Iran , Takhte Jamshi register in UNESCO as ancient city in the world.
This city is one of the important target for tourist who come to Iran ,because everybody have to see this city with nice building from 2500 - 3000 years ago with unbelievable architectural.
I hope you could come to my country and see this nice city.
Warmest Regards

This sounds excellent.
It just makes me all the more interested in visiting Iran one day.
How easy is it for tourists to enter Iran these days, especially tourists from the US of A, The UK or Europe?

Dear Fred
Again thanks for your guide about my topic for my love country Iran .
There is no problem to visit Iran for foreign tourist from US or UK or other where. You could try from one of travel agency in your country, most of them could get visa for enter to Iran , if you have any problem I'll be so glad to help you as a friend, if you could collect many person of your friends I really happy to arrange hotel for you and program for visiting Iran , because I have a company and want to attract tourist from all arround the world.
Please tell me about your planning .

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