Moving to Malmö

Dear  friend I moving to Malmö. Can speak only English looking for a job. Any tips please and definitely looking for making new friends there

Hi Maroof Kashmiri,

Welcome on board  :)

You will some relevant information in the Work in Malmö article of the expat guide. I suggest you read it and browse through the specialised websites mentioned at the bottom of the article.

You may also drop an advert in the Jobs in Malmö section of the website.

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What is your nationality??? Because if you are not european, it will be very hard.

I m an  indian . Yes I know it's hard but I have to get a job and find a way to live

If its hard getting a job in Malmo if you are not European, then how do the majority of non- Europeans earn a living there? That's what I would like to know. I'm a pharmacist, am currently learning Swedish and plan to move to Malmo. I would go to Lund university for a year to improve on my language skills and then continue with the process of getting a license.   I visited Stockholm this year and have seen other nationalities; Indian, African, Asian etc working in Stockholm. So if its so difficult, how did they get those jobs?  Also, Malmo's population is almost 55% migrants from other countries. How do they all live and survive in Sweden if they can't get a job?

Its off putting for people who actually want to work and integrate into the Swedish system, when we constantly hear that its hard to work in Sweden if you are non- European. 

I would really like some advice on this. I liked Stockholm, found people warm and friendly. Yes people are more reserved, but if you need their help, they are always willing to assist with a welcoming attitude.


Thank you for the info

Be positive that you can find work. It may not be so easy maybe because of not speaking the language, but check online, maybe send CV around etc. Make effort. I am sure that it may be easier for Swedes to find work, but I would rather we use the term swedes as opposed to non- Europeans cause it sounds discriminatory.   Yes issues with labour laws etc maybe make it easier for people coming from European countries because they may not require work permits etc. But if you make effort and are positive I think you may find work. Like I said I may have not seen the majority of other nationalities occupying jobs etc in Stockholm, but the fact is I did see them. At clothing stores, pharmacies, restaurants, to name a few places.

So don't give up.

Hay that's very optometrist.   I appreciate your advise .at the moment Teying to know most as possible
Thanks again

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