Can a Woman travel to Dubai Alone being on Family Visa?

Hi..can anybody please advise me...
I am on family joining visa in Oman... can I go to dubai alone? without my husband with me?
Big thanks.

hi she cant go without housband u can tack dubai visa than u can go
thank s

thank you....

cant go

can not go

Yes leeyah you can go without your husband but u should have a valid visa

My husband is going Dubai on employed visa can I go with him on visit visa

yes, you can go with visit visa

She can be on any visa she wants.

That's mean women with daughter can alone travel on visit visa

Yes of course woman can travel by herself to Dubai or with her daughter.. Dubai is the safest City in the whole world.

I am asking regarding visa

Ohhh... i think yes you can.. why not.. may i know what Nationality you are...

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