Simple query regarding Expat Work Visa

Hey all,

this is my first post on this site, and I hope I don't irritate some of you all with this question.
I have gone through the forum and did not find a suitable answer to my question, however it might have been answered and I haven't been diligent enough.

Nevertheless my question which I hope you could answer :) :

I recently came to PNG on a visitor visa for some job interviews, and am glad to say that I have secured a role with an MNC in Port Moresby.

I have however been informed by colleagues and some other individuals, that I can not be present in PNG while my work visa is being processed (which could take up to 2-3 months).

On the other hand, I have also heard (through the random grapevines) that there is a possibility of applying and receiving your expat work visa while staying in PNG.

I was hoping if someone could clarify on this matter, as I am trying to ring the Immigration Services for the past couple of days to no avail.

Awaiting with bated breath!



Hi Shimar,

This is based on the little knowledge I have regarding the subject. I first came here in PNG as a dependent and while in this status I also got hired. I had to go back to my home country while my working visa was being processed since I had to go to the norms of getting a medical clearance etc. On my second contract for a different company, since I completed my first contract, they were able to do a bridging visa for me thus there is no need for me to go back and just do the amendments here in POM.

It would be wiser if you talk to an agent who specializes in processing visa. But most of the people I know who went through the process of changing visa either from tourist to work or Business Visa to work for the first time, they had to go back to their home country to have it processed there.

I hope it answer your question.

Hey Yushen16,

thank you so much for the information!

I wish you a great day ahead!


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