Wants to transfer company but only complete 4 or 5 months?

I want to ask if its ok to transfer company if i havent finished 1 year yet?

Im local hire so my current company didnt spend for ticket...

How much will i have to pay?

Thanks for answering....

Kindly read through the below mentioned link

Paying will totally depend on your employer, if not for ticket he has payed for visa charges.


So is it possible?

Will it exceed 200bd or less?

It is possible, will totally depend on your employer, the cost as well.


I came here in bahrain under visit visa.
I applied in hospital as nurse. I Signed the contract. They applied me for NHRA license which is a long process.
Im done with lmra biometrics.
I have a work visa stamped in my passport.
Im done with medical.
I gave my passport to the HR for application of CPR. On process just today.
Why is it that they are not allowing me to start working?


Kindly do not keep re-posting the same question.

We understand your situation and i am afraid non of us here will know the time-frame for the process, it would depend on your employer and since you dont have a valid license yet you cannot start working. Kindly be in touch with your employer who can give you further inputs.

good luck


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