Teaching ESL in the Philippines

This is NOT a job inquiry...just want to get feedback from those who have or now teaching ESL in the Philippines.   I am aware that English is widely spoken there; so ESL is not so much for Filipinos but for other Asians who are now going to the Philippines instead of USA to learn English.  It's so much cheaper to study in the Philippines naturally.  I noticed this phemenon on my last visit there a few years ago; when I visited cousins in Iloilo...they had Korean live-in boarders in their home who were studying English at a local ESL school.
  I was curious to know...if teaching ESL might be a possibility there?  For those who experience teaching ESL was it?  I taught ESL in Seoul, ROK during my three-year job assignment with the U.S Army and really enjoyed it.  I also taught new immigrants in our town (Blaine, WA) as a volunteer.  If I decide to go into teaching ESL, I'd like to teach free of charge.   Is there an organization there that will take teach ESL or get involved in community projects, etc.?  Thanks, appreciate your feedback.

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