Information about IB schools in Bangalore

We are planning to move to Bangalore from USA in month of December/ January. My kids are in 3rd and 7th grade. I'm looking for similar kind of kids in the school who moved from US, so my kids won't feel out of the crowd.

At the same time I'm looking for place to live close to respective school(cause of traffic problem).

Please throw any or many suggestions regarding school/ city/ moving/ shipping / what to carry from here/ what not/ place to go for shopping there.

My husband is moving in May to Bangalore and my son and I are following mid-summer. I doubt that we'll be admitted for a school tour before the school year starts but don't want to end up at a school our son hates for the next school year. He is extremely athletic and loves science but reading has been challenging for him during his 2nd grade year. What schools have you seen that might allow him to grow in these areas at a pace appropriate for him?

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