Local job mobility in bahrain

Dear all,

I need ur assistance and suggestions job mobility in bahrain. I am working In it company since more than 7 years. Now I resigned from my current company due to salary outstanding 16 month.

I have resigned via email and hard copy to my manager in current company on 3rd October with one notice period.

Now currently not allowing to leave the comany .please advise me .



Below mention link from LMRA states how to resign from a job the legal way.

Kindly contact LMRA immediately and inform them about the situation, also seek assistance from your Embassy.


Thanks for your reply.

I go through my contract with my current company is mention 3 month notice but i gave then 1 month notice as my new company said . they dont have time.

As my current company violated law due to salary not pay outstanding 16 month. Will my contract with current company make issue in mobility.

Please advise me .


I am not sure how LMRA will handle this situation, but you should immediately contact them and seek assistance.

Good luck

Thanks Bro for ur assistance, tomorrow will go to lmra fir mobility. 

I got NOC certificate from my current company.  How much time to take in mobility?

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