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(English verson below)
busco intercambios Aleman-Espanol (cara a cara) con gente que tiene por lo menos nivel B1 (prefiero hablantes nativos). Soy un hablante nativo Aleman y tengo 28 anos (masculino). Me encantaría ayudarte con tu Aleman no importa que nivel tienes, es sólo importante que tienes bastante motivación y una actidud positiva. Me imagino que tenemos conversaciónes interesantes sobre temas varios (por ejemplo sobre nuestros países) y puedo mostrarte también algo de Viena si quieres,... y quizás que puede crecer también una amistad de ello...quién sabe? ;-)
Me gusta hacer música; deporte; ir al cine, bares, restaurantes, cafes,...; ver documentales, viajar,...
Escribeme por favor si tienes interés.

I´m looking for German-English exchanges (face to face) with people who have at least B1 (of course the best would be to find any native speaker). I´m 28 years old (male) and a German native speaker. I would like to help you with your German, no matter how good you are in it. My only request is that you have enough motivation and an positive attitude. I imagine that we have interesting conversations about different topics (for example about our countries) and I can show you something from Vienna as well, if you should have an interest for it. Maybe it can build also a friendship...who knows... ;-)
My interests are making music; sports; going to the movies, bars, restaurants, cafes,...; watching docus, travelling,...
Please send me a message if you are interested.

Hi Germannativespeaker,

Welcome on board  :)

An advert in the Language classes in Vienna section of the website will surely get you some offers. Feel free to drop your advert.

All the best,

Hola ¿como estas? , me interesa bastante. Soy nueva en la ciudad y estoy empezando a aprender alemán.

Hello how are you? I'm pretty interested . I'm new in town and I'm starting to learn German.

Hi there! I'd be interested in meeting up to improve my German and help you with your English. I've passed a B2 level in German a couple of years ago (I studied German at I.K.I. Wien), but my spoken German is more than rusty as I don't practice it at all and my vocab is in dire need of improvement. I'd love to bring my German up to speed, enough to hold a casual conversation in German. In return, I'd be happy to help you do the same. For info, I have taught ESL (English as a Second Language) both privately and the American Language Center in several countries.


I'm planning to come to Vienna or maybe even move there, depending on how It will receive me. So learning German and things about life there, and maybe even making friends, is part of the plan of my adventure.
I'm new on this site, know nothing about how it works, but I 'll be happy to give a try to some language skills exchange. My German is 'zehr schlecht' though.

P.S. Just realised you said 'face to face'. I thought of Skype -style conversations. My bad.

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