Where do they sell Bread maker in Saigon?

Hi there, does anyone know if they sell break makers in Saigon? Or maybe someone sells one?  thanks

Sorry, can you elaborate, what is a bread maker? We use dough mixers for the dough, in some cases proofers and then ovens to bake bread. All is available allover town.

Not sure what you're asking for

It's a machine that lets you put in water, yeast and flour and extract a loaf of hot bread maybe a few hours later.  I am surprised that anyone from Switzerland would consider the result acceptable.  I think Banh mi is actually an improvement on French bread but some like a slightly heavier loaf.  People in my district would line up at Big-C of all places and leave only with their long baguette which was firmer than most sold in the streets and hem.

Saigon X oi, who cares what surprises you, just another useless post. yeah yeah, Big C wow, what a great place to buy bread! I don't want to hear any rubbish about a "machine" where you can put things inside and things come out as I don't think such "machines" are available in VN, at least not where i am and was for the past 20+ years.

Thanks anyway. Ohh, who drinks SGN X anyway?

I see your bio says you are from England but that you grew up in Switzerland.  However, my reference to "anyone from Switzerland" referred to the OP and not you.    As far as the bread at the Big-C, at least the one near our place, it's popularity is just as amazing to me as it may be to you, but I don't treat the purchasers with hostility or disdain.  If you have never heard of a bread machine, as poor as the bread may be, that doesn't mean such a thing does not exist.

You can choose your beer and I can choose mine.  It is unlikely that we will be drinking together.

I drink Saigon Special whenever I can.

colinoscapee :

I drink Saigon Special whenever I can.

We occasionally disagree but I would be happy to have one (or more) with you some day.

True, but wouldn't it be a boring world if we all had the same opinions.  :)

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