New member - need advise on numerous things


Me and my husband are looking to move over to Bolnuevo, I am currently employed and work from home - my bosses have given me the green light to move to Spain.

I could do with any advise that anyone can offer on a few things:-

Looking on forums, i believe its best to registered as self-employed and invoice my current company each month, that way i pay my SS and tax myself in Spain?

Is private healthcare essential?

We are looking to sell our house in the UK and then rent in Bolnuevo until we can buy outright over there, do i need to register as living in Spain then or when i have lived there for over 185 days?

Any advise that any of you could offer, would be greatly appreciated.

Personally, I don't believe that private health is needed here in Spain. The public system is usually excellent for almost everything and my family and I have used it a lot in the last 10 years. (It seems better outside the big cities, to me.) Being an independent worker (called "autonomo") can be expensive because you have to pay 270 euros every month for social security (if you don't join a coperative, where they take 15% of your pay instead.)

I'm not sure if you can invoice your company that way because they are outside Spain though. Of course, if you don't register as living here then you cannot get public health.

Thanks for the response, I had heard that the public system was good, and if I'm paying SS both myself and my husband would be covered for it.

The problem with not registering as autonomo would be that my UK employers would have to register to pay me over there and would be charged 300 euro a month to do so - think they may oppose the move if that's the case!

If there is anyone you could find out more about this for me it would be greatly appreciated 👍🏻

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