Looking for a Partnership for a Wine Bar

Hi All

My name is Federico , I am 26 years old boy from Italy

I am looking for a Partnership for opening a Wine Bar in Denmark
More specifically I am looking for an aspiring entrepreneur,  for a Wine Bar project I would like to establish in Denmark , able to speak Danish with experience in the Food and Bevarage sector.

My idea is to promote italian and  european wines combined with high quality  regional products for Scandinavian clients, for an unique experience of taste
Strenght point will be the originalty values of the products in order to offer a different product than the average offered by the Restaurant sector. Bio products will be always offered.

If anyone interested to have an interview with me or to see the complete Business Plan,


Federico Gemelli

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Hello Federico Gemelli

Kindly note that we have a section dedicated to host  business related adverts:

> Business partners in Denmark

Droping your advert in that field will be more helpful


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