Entertainment and watching football

Hi all
  My husband just moved to kampala 3 days ago , he is facing an issue that he he doesnt know how to spend weekends and what to do for entertainments ,he still doesnt know anyone and he loves watching football , any idea where he can go in weekends other than nightlife and snyone interested in watching football too that can give him ideas ?
Thx 😊

Hi Amira,

Uganda has a very vibrant  nightlife. There is always something happening on weekends. You only mention he likes watching football. Uganda is perhaps the most ideal place for people like him. There is a sports bar around every corner. I personally watch football at Hot springs bar in Lubowa. If he needs someone to help him tour Kampala, tell him to get in touch. I am happy to be his guide as this is something I do for a living.

his location can determine where he can hang out from.

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