Looking for an English teacher to achieve IELTs

Hi all,

I would like to achieve a IELTS certificate within a year. My grade for Ielts is around 5-6 pts, but i still want to increase it up to at least 6.5 pts. Furthermore, I want you enhance my communication skill.

Thus, any body know a native teacher, please give me an introduction... Thanks

edX offers this self-paced course for free:

https://www.edx.org/course/ielts-academ … x-ieltsx#!

The course was developed by The University of Queensland.

Of course, conversing with a English speaker would be great practice. If you cannot find someone, you can have the option to learn online.

Private one-on-one is quite expensive Henry, maybe joining a class would be a cheaper alternative.

Hi 7Steven and Colinoscapee,

Thanks for your advice.

For online learning, I am afraid of having no much time for practicing English and it is not so practical for speaking. However, it would be a good option in future after my work is in route.

Yup, I totally agree with you, colino! It will be much economical for me...

How if I can collect a few more people to make a group so the tuition fee will be shared but the efficiency is still good enough.


Correct, if you can get a small group together it will certainly be much cheaper.

When I taught private lessons, I found that the optimum number for price vs. efficiency was four.  Henry, you are correct that you can do a lot of the reading and grammar work online but you should get a tutor for the writing and speaking portions.  Although the teacher would be listening to one student at a time, a group of four would be small enough that the others could benefit from listening in.  Also you should be doing your writing outside of class and doing critiques with the teacher.

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