imperfect US currency exchange.

Where in Sihanoukville can somebody exchange-use,US currency that might have pen marks,ink scribble,slight tear,etc.I come from sth america and there is no such thing as  a perfect-direct from the press note available there without request and even then goodluck...what options do I have.Any help on this would be greatly appreciated,probably rewarded obviously, depending on the quality and reliability of info.gracias.

Try different banks... claim you got the note from their adjacent ATM and they will replace it with intact one. Works everytime you just need to keep insisting persistently.

Also in small village shops theyre more accepting with damaged notes.

Im not sue you have seen US currency from sth americaEcuador,where the US dollar is the only currency,it has multiple pen marks on it for clarification of its validity,and the twenty dollar notes would need a steam roller to press them into shape,no bank whatsoever would believe their machines spat them out,as the banks themselves would not accept them in the first place...the Hundreds also have multiple pen marks on them,every note in ecuador has pen marks on them as their means to determine counterfeit or not.the pen marked notes are the only non counterfeit money...not to mention the age of the 20 dollar notes,.I was thinking an exchange that would accept the bills but at a slightly lower exchange,something or somoeone perhaps less inclined to be so pedantic,yet happy to hand me over riel made in a meat grinder......thankyou for the reply.

Unfortunately, as you already know you will have a real difficult to impossible time trying to unload/exchange these damaged bills anywhere in Asia.

Is there anyone you trust 100% that might be traveling to the US and could exchange these for you? I really can't think of another option.

the trust thing isnt an issue,its finding somebody who actually wants to go back to the US....cant say I blame them......US currency in ecuador,their only currency,is in wors shape than cambodian Riel and thats sying something.......I could post it to the states,but have no idea if it would make 5 dollars out of ecuador and it never arrives,figure it would be the same here and Im not talking about just 5 dollars.....its the hundred notes that are screwing me,the trwenty notes i can acetone abit and slip out here and there,not so the wouldnt trust a hundred dollar bill in sth america unless it had been stamped and pen marked for security like Jackson pollock was busting out a canvas........
thanks for the reply amigo,it still was helpfull.

You are welcome. Hope you will find a solution.
Do not post a larger amount, the risk is just too great.
Thanks for the description of US$ notes in S. America - i have never been.

just ecuador,sth america,they use USA currency,I lived there for ten years....If you ever plan on going to STH America,let me know.

Thank you for your offer but I always felt that Spanish is a must for Central & South America and I don't speak it. In any case, I lost my heart to Asia and I decided to get serious about it.

So, this opens up an interesting question: Do you like Cambodia better than Ecuador?

In regards to the bills, I am actually in a similar position as I made a withdrawal in the US this week hoping they'd have new uncirculated bills but they didn't and although they looked OK when I was shown the "bricks", 80%+ do not meet my standards and will be re-deposited the next time I am in the US. I am very picky with US$ as I need them for Cambodia almost exclusively these days.

well,ecuador is stunning in parts,but it is very dangerous at the moment,not if your in a group visiting the tourist areas,majority of which are poorly made,excluding 400 plus dollar a night ,haahah ECO lodges in the jungle via plane...The majority of ecuadorians cannot speak 1 word of english,will rip you off,will serve you the blandest food 3 times a day every day and amaze you that the poor a re so utterly miserable who have that,somebody slips on a banana peel-laugh for a day mentality.....I have a house on a volcano there,a child and many friends,if I never go back I wont shed any tears...Im actually looking for shared rental or sole rental here in Sihanoukville or ,Id prefer Kep,close,very close to the beach.real estate errrrr agents,dont seem to reply,or want to reply to my emails....I dont speak more than 5 words of Khmer yet so the fault sits fairly on my shoulders......Spanish is probably the easiest language in the world to learn.................With the money,yep,a third of my brick is not up to hahahah Cambodian standards,their riel quality however aint what id call perfect......Im going to post in the forum re,shared or soul rental properties in Sihanoukville or Kep but if you have any ideas would be appreciated........after 10 years in sth america I cannot write english that well anymore........Thanks for the reply.

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