Thai police check help

Hello I recently lived in Thailand for a year.
I have returned to the uk and realised I need a Thai police check so I am having to send off for one from the U.K. . Has anyone done this as I need help with the postage fee ..from the post office they do not do a pre paid stamp anymore. Has anyone done this?
Thank you

This from the Thai Police Check website:

Police Clearance Service Center have amount of work required certification and inspection services to the public a lot, which action may be delayed. Not easy to apply. In order to alleviate the suffering and to facilitate the public. The Company intends to apply for a certificate in the mail. Services are approved agents. (Outsource) to the document. Clearance Certificate delivered via Fed-ex courier to you in case of emergency.
More information, please contact or Police Clearance Service Center 02-205-2168-9

Police check for what ?

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