I need your advice!

Hi All -

I'm new to the forum here, and desperately seeking some guidance/benchmarking!

I have an offer with a large Kenyan-owned multinational corporation. I would be leaving a well-paying job in London to take it, and I'm struggling to figure out what a fair market wage and benefits package is for this position and the skills/value I would bring to the table.

Its a middle management position, highly strategic in nature (frequent interaction with C-Suite / Board of Directors), in a "high growth industry." I have undergraduate and graduate-level degrees from well-known, globally recognized universities, proven experience, and a skill-set that largely doesn't exist in the local market.

What type of salary range and benefits would the market likely bear for this?


p.s. - The first round is on me for the person with the most helpful answer!

Dear Tnpygc,
on the above question i think it would be best to talk to The Kenyan Firm on the salary as they will also have to be paying for your work permit yearly.
Further in my own opinion its best for you to always consider the pros and cons for moving to a different country will different laws and cultures before making any decisions.I wish you all the best as you make the decisions.

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