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I know medicare is no good in the Philippines,  but I was wondering if anyone knows of the closest USA territory where yearly check ups, blood work, prescriptions could be available. I will be with my Filipina wife, so I will not be going through immigration but rather the yearly batikBayan on the passport.  Since I must leave once a year I thought Guam or Northern Marianas (Saipan?) may accomplish both.  Any experiences or knowledge will be appreciated.

Mugtech:  You already answered your question.  Guam would be a good choice...the nearest U.S. Territory to the Philippines.  They have (I would assume) reasonably good medical service.  I was stationed in Guam as a civilian with the Air Force so we got to use the Air Force and Navy medical I wouldn't know for sure how good the local ones are.  Just assuming they're ok.  Best is to check it out's only about 3 hours away by air from Manila.  For routine medical check ups I think it would be ok.   There's American Samoa...another U.S. Territory...but it's a bit farther away.  Are you a U.S. veteran?   There is a U.S. VA facility in Manila.  You can try that if you're eligible.

I do plan to check out Guam, was hoping to get more current info, would also like to check out Saipan for historical purposes.

Was 2S 1967-1972, never served in the military

mugtech:  You can do preliminary research on Guam and Saipan (I would think that Guam would be more advanced with regard to services) on tube or just type Guam Update for current news, Guam Healthcare, or anything else as long as you type the word Guam.  You can do the same for Saipan.  Another source would be city data is like expat forum.  The site is broken up by geographic areas of interest,  by groups...the states, etc..and globally.  Check out U.S. Territories...(they're grouped together with the other territories).  I think you have to register like you did for the expat forum.  Or you can read all the postings first without registering.  Like expat forum, you can post your queries and someone, a resident of Guam or Saipan...or one who has live there will send you a reply.  I have gotten some info about life in Guam, Rota and Saipan....and even Samoa during my research.   Then go to your library and see what you can find on Guam and Saipan.   I found a good source on the Philippines...Lonely Planet guide....the most recent edition...2015.   And of course, once you have garnered good info that you can use, pack up and spend a week..or more in Guam.   That's what I did first, my wife and I took a couple of week's vacation in Guam (we were stationed in Japan that time) and we loved it...and when a job vacancy with the Air Force came up, I jumped on it...and got it!  Good luck.

Mugtech:  this is a follow-up to my previous reply.   I found a site with good info on Guam- Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) at  Covers many topics..such quality of life= healthcare, education, recreation as well as many other good-to-know topics.  Check it out.
  When I started researching the Philippines...I also looked into having a "get away quick" place I can get know, should situation in the Philippines get unbearable; Guam was the first that came to mind.  And also a place to set up financial matters.  After all, Guam is "America" and it's only three hours away from Manila.   The financial institution I do business with has a branch in Guam.   So it is safe as having an account in the U.S. (ahem!...?).  All I have to do is find a cheap place to rent on the island....get a U.S p.o. Box and I am set with my getaway home in Guam.  Also, if I can't get dual citizen (there are issues still to be ironed out...though I was born in Manila...long story) I'll have to settle for one year balikbayan visa...which means flying to Guam once a year to renew my visa. I mentioned it in Guam.  So much like the Philippines!  The food, the people, the ambience.  They even have carabaos there!   Not too bad to live lieu of the Philippines.   And the Guamanian "Chamorro" so much like Filipino language...very easy to learn.  Many speak Tagalog and other felt really at home there. carried away.

There was a very recent attempt by a California company called SCAN Healthcare to accept Medicare patients living in the Philippines. They even had a seminar scheduled at the Subic Bay VFW post this past Wednesday to recruit new patients but, fortunately, the local expat community through the local Retired Affairs Office (RAO) got wind of their past troubles and closed the door on them. Point is to BEWARE of them if you are approached in the future. … /308249962

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