What type of expat mum are you?

A few weeks ago I conducted a survey to find out what the main problems of expat mums were.

I got 70 answers back (woha!) and found some patterns. You can see the results here:

http://expatlifehacks.com/2016/10/18/wh … r-are-you/

Although every answer was different, I classified the answers in different categories and came up with the four types of expat mums:
* All by myself expat mums
* It's hard to adjust expat mums
* I worry about the kids expat mums
* Stuck expat mums

Check out the infographic I made and let me know, which expat mum are you? I'm definitely an all by myself expat mum.

Combination of all by myself/stuck...

Such a good topic and I like the infographic. I think the question will be different for me. I am not yet an expat but am planning to retire early. I am currently raising a 16yo daughter. By the time we are ready to move, she will (hopefully) have completed college and begun her independent life. However, she is completely horrified at the prospect of me NOT being in the same country as her. We are extremely close (being she is my only child, and I was a single mom most of her life). I have raised her to be a traveler (she's been to Greece with a class trip, and will be off to New Zealand & Australia next summer on another class trip). I remind her how much we will enjoy traveling to see one another and the benefits of being able to Skype, but she's still horrified at the prospect. I really hope we are able to find a way to make mum's expat life more of a positive than something to dread. I love her dearly, but I am also looking forward to my adventures -- finally doing all the things I have dreamed of but put off being a responsible daughter, sister, mother, employee.

I'm definitely All by myself, Hard to adjust, and Stuck. The hardest thing about this move was not only leaving my language, culture, and family behind but communication. My family is not tech people so there were no Skype, Whatsapp, or Facebook. I'm very close to my family and it was and still is challenging especially since my home has been hit by not one but two Cat 5 hurricanes in the span of two weeks this month. I have never regretted my move more than I do now. I would rather be home surviving and helping rebuild alongside my family than hundreds of miles away helpless to even send money or supplies.

What about the "happy, excited for the opportunity for my kids, adjusted to the culture" expat mom?

It seems like of those four options, there are only negatives. I have some negative times- during which I can relate to some of those issues, but the majority of life as an expat mom is not negative for me.

My story is sort of the same as desiLana, I have the same concerns as well.

I am an expat father am I excluded?

I am 'All by myself expat mum'. My son is 2.5 years and I am looking for an appropriate school for him. Struggling with the language, I try to learn it but finding it difficult.

Being an homemaker at present, trying to find a new job for me here in a new country. My kid is fine with the environment. Kids are very adjusting, so thats is all fine by now.


You will have to wait until your son is 5 years old to be admitted in a public kinder. If you are a resident of CR, there are many places offering jobs for Spanish and/or English speaking workers. IF you're not a resident you can still find a job, risking it, though. Or you can do Freelancing for the world, that's what I do.

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