Car Hire

To you all
Please be aware of the local car hire companies in Juffair and Adliya, the ones that come to light are Dinar Car hire [Adliya] and Intercity Car hire [Juffair] plus the others that are in Adliya high street.
These companies are crooks and only want to take your cash for a bad service and bad cars, don't complain and you only get a worsted car for the same money


Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. When we first arrived we rented from Tooranco down there and had a really good experience, mind you that was a few years back and things do change.


Keep well clear of these cowboys , best to go to a good supplier like Budget etc etc

Thank you nigel for sharing the information. They come up with catchy prices and then provide the worst service.

You are right, NB - we should stick to the more reputed suppliers. I have heard a number of similar experiences with these road-side car rental companies. Tooranco has been an exception - most people who have used their services seem happy with them.

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