Residency on Isla Mujeres

Hi there

We're from Australia, looking to relocate in a few years.
Looking to speak to anyone who comes from an English speaking country to see how you go about applying for permanent residency.  As our children are older we would love to spend some time on the island (say 6 months of the year) and head back to Australia (for 6 months of the year).  Any ideas on how the residency works?

Also, my husband is from the UK and holds a british passport (resident of Australia now but only by marriage).  If we are going between Isla and Australia, would  he need to become a citizen of Australia to gain entry back to the country?  Any ideas on who I can speak to about this?

Will be looking for work just to cover rent and basic living expenses.  Would love an idea of how expensive things are on the island as well.

I can't see anything bad that I need to be aware of on the island. Anything we should be aware of?
The only thing that I think I might have some trouble with is access to money if I have Australian Dollars.

If anyone can give us some insight that would be great.

Cheers in advance - Michelle

A Tourist Permit will give you 180 days before having to leave the country. That seems to satisfy one requirement.

As for work, the answer is not without a work permit. Those are given with a Residencia Visa which you must apply for in your home country.

A debit or credit card from your bank in Australia will give you access to Pesos through an ATM machine. Make sure your bank knows that you're in Mexico else they could freeze the card.

Thanks kindly for the info.
Any ideas as to where we are able to start applying for jobs once we receive our permit?
Don't have to earn heaps, just enough I assume to cover our rent, food and small living expenses.

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