Hello All- can i marry her during those 90 days

Hello all my name is lenny 22 years i have a girlfriend in norway she is currently 19 years old still in high school. I joined the forum to see if anyone can help me with some questions i have.  I plan on marrying her this coming summer of 2017, my question is since i am an American citizen i am from a country where i can visit norway for 90 days with no visa can i marry her during those 90 days . Second is the financial gurantee my girlfriend has no job at the moment coould i be able to use her father as a financial gurantee .Is there ways around the financial gurantee im hoping to stay with her this time last time i visited was this summer its extremely difficult. I work currently as a laborer i have no degree .any and all answers are greatly appreciated. Please just be honest

Hi Lenn27,

Yes, It is possible to marry her within 90 days. I was under tourist visa for 90 days when I got married with my husband. The most important here is that you prepared all the necessary documents before you go to Norway. Kindly see this forum regarding the process/steps to get married in Norway within 90 days: FAQ:Getting Married on a Tourist Visa ,
Getting married with tourist visa in Norway

This is also from Skatteetaten: Marriage with a foreign citizen

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to marry her during summer time, as most Norwegians are on vacation during summer. They might be a little slow with the process during those time.

Since you are an American citizen, I think it's possible for you to stay in Norway while waiting to process your residence permit visa(family immigration visa), refer to this:   Who can travel to Norway before their application has been decided?

Regarding the financial guarantee, I'm not entirely sure about this because your girlfriend is still unemployed and one of the requirements is that her previous income and future income should be stable ( pass the minimum requirement). What they have said before is that the financial guarantee is just to cover up for future income. But please try to call them to confirm about this.

I think what I can recommend right now is to call UDI or at least have your girlfriend call them regarding your case. Every case is different so they can answer all your questions about this plus they are extremely helpful.

there is very detailed information on financial support that counts if the reference person is a student. I recommend spending some time on the UDI website learning what the requirements are. They are quite strict with these rules and many people have had applications denied because they are a few thousand kroner under the requirement, or the income comes from the wrong source. … #link-9489

have you considered marrying her in Las Vegas or some other state in US?  It might be faster to get married in US?  Just wondering.  With the marriage certificate, you can then use it for family reunification residence permit in future.  If her father is willing to sponsor you,  you can use him for your family reunification permit.  I have a friend who has her husband's first cousin or auntie to sponser her because her husband is not earning enough money for the requirement.

So her father could sponsor me?

yes, if you are related by blood or family to him.  but you should confirm that with UDI.  Just send them an email or call them.  they do speak english very well.

What if he is just my father in law can i ?can he sponsor me

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