Hi people!

I'm moving permanently to Bucharest this week. I want to live in Aviatei or Baneasa but then again Uniri seems nice. Any advice? My only worry is traffic back to the airport in Otopeni.

I'm brand new in Bucharest and I don't know anyone so everything is new!

I hope you are all well!

Ciao 😉



If you're going to be travelling to the airport during peak hours, then Unirii is probably going to be a good hour's drive through the traffic. From Aviatei or Baneasa it'll be a lot shorter, especially if you work out the right leaving times. If you can travel outside peak hours, it's not so bad from Unirii, but still  a much longer trip that from the other two.

Main advantage of Unirii would probably be the proximity to the old town (pubs, bars, restaurants, etc). Other than that, there's probably not a lot of difference. In Aviatei you have a few places to eat too, as well as the Promenada mall for shopping. It's a residential area so has everything you need and you're also not far from Herastrau park. Baneasa is the best in terms of closeness to work, but probably has the least facilities and is further from town (but still not far from the park). Aviatei and Unirii also have metro stations which means travelling around town is a little easier (and faster considering the road traffic), whereas in Baneasa you'd probably have to use your car more.

Have fun.

Hello Dan

Depends what you are doing.

Commuting pilot...try Airport Apartments, behind the Angelo Hotel at Otopeni Airport. Full of pilots and cabin crew, you will never be late for work and is easy to commute from. Downside is it is very isolated and a long way from downtown.

Loads of expat pilots stay in the Phonecia Hotel Apartments in Baneasa. You will need to contact Camilia Platon their. It in north of Herestrau Park (jogging), has a few shops (mega Image supermarkets), restaurants and bars and is within walking distance to Baneasa Mall. Its a compromise between access to the airport and getting downtown. no more than 1.39 Lei per Kilometre (To Airport = 20 Lei).

There are plenty of apartments on the free market if you are looking for something more "yours".

Traffic in Bucharest is often chaotic and your commute to work will probably dictate your area you chose to live.

good luck,


Hi Danny,

welcome :)
actually you have a lot more options :) depends
of your interests, you should make a list with most important things
or if this is too deep just give me a call when you are in Bucharest we make a coffee break and I'll give you some hints:)

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