School Recommendation - Ubud

Hello Folks,
I'm relocating to SE Asia early 2017 with my 10yr old daughter and would like to know if anyone can recommend either a local school in Ubud that doesn't charge a fortune for tuition OR if there are any home schooling groups in Ubud that welcome international students, we're from Australia. Thnx  :D

I'm a little confused.
Are you moving to Bali or Hoi An?

Hi Fred, as I said in my post "we are relocating to SE Asia"... at this stage we are aiming to spend 4-6mths in each of the following locations HoiAn, Ubud and Chiang Mai. So I have posted a question in each of the relevant forums :)

Thanks for clearing that up. :)

Do home schooling.  As much as you're going to be moving around, that's your best and most common sense option.

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