Hola...anyone wanna hang around on weekends ...?

new  & looking for like minded  friends  in Doha !!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
You might do better if you let us know what your mind likes.

Hi Subhankar! Welcome to the blog!

This is Richi here. I'm a teacher here in Qatar. I'm from Kerala. How about you ?

What do you like doing at weekends?


Hi... am from Barcelona and recently moved here for an assignment.
I am still trying to figure out how do people unwind with one day in a week !!!
Probably thats' why I see people going crazy in the night clubs ...

As for me ...I would be happy to relax with a drink in a terrace with some good conversation with friends   or go out to the beach for a walk !!

Actually,  am trying to find a Padel club here in Qatar to  commence playing again.

What about you how are you spending the weekends ?


Hi again ...

Well, I don't much of a social life. I'm a rather simple person. I like to go for a walk on the Corniche or a beach or simply read a good book in my room.

I'm not at all into sports... have you tried tried looking for padel players on the Qatar living website? It's a very popular site; you might just find some one there to play along.

Many people here work on Saturdays; so the weekend is sadly just Friday! I guess they just get used to it after a while.


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