South African family thinking of moving to Mauritius

Hi Everyone

We are a South African family currently residing in Cape Town.

We have an established business in our community in the food industry.

Because of the economic situation on South Africa currently, we are thinking of moving our business and our family to Mauritius.

Our current business is Indian food manufacturing, food catering, as well as a cooking school.
We are second generation family bakers, and we greatly believe that we can add to the economy of Mauritius, and also create employment there for the locals. And also with our International cooking school, help create opportunities for young people.

My questions are:

1) How difficult is it to get an Occupational visa for a family of 4 (2 adults , 2 kids)

2) Which types of businesses are successful and thriving in Mauritius? How difficult is it to set up there?

3) What is the cost of English medium schooling?

4) Which area is the best area to set up a food business? a place where we can be close to tourists?

We are doing a trip to Mauritius to investigate all these matters ourselves, But would love to hear the experiences of others who have done this before.

Wisahl & Adrian


1. It's not difficult provided

a) All your papers and documents are all set

b) You have a proper business plan to submit to the Board of Investment where you have put forward strong arguments backed with proof of funds and a detailed overview of your business and the ability to meet the minimum annual turnover mandatory for foreign investors.

Here are the guidelines:

2. A plethora of businesses are successful. Just that some are the turf of locals and the govt doesn't issue permits or is very selective.
Food business like anywhere else works well but with conditions like minimum turnover attached, your business will need some proper and efficient structuring and marketing.

3. Best to contact the different schools directly.

4. if you want to set up an Indian food business, your best best would be to target not only tourists but also Mauritians. 65% of the population is of Indian descent (+Indian expats) and Indian food is immensely popular.
The capital city of Port Louis and the big towns are the best locations.
The North and West coast is also good bets if you want to include tourists in your equation.

Hope this helps!

This sounds good ...........i am interested in the motor industry namely Land Rover
Do they sell well. Is the salary good.

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Thank you Winston for your reply.

I have made a list of schools and I am going to start calling on Monday.

The business we want to set up there is a tricky thing though. Its working very well in South Africa, but its very nerve wrecking wondering if the same business will work abroad. We have a lot to offer.

So i will work on a business plan, and put it forward to the board of directors, and see what the outcome is.

Mainly, the idea is to contribute to the earn a living, empower the locals of mauritius, as well as educate as we go along.


Locals are suitably qualified and experienced in the hospitality industry owing to Mauritius' rich and prosperous tourism industry.
In fact the country is now exporting talents to other countries.

Your main challenge would be to compete in an already highly competitive industry and to adhere to strict criteria imposed on foreign investors by the government.

Many expats who come to the island to engage in the food industry often go bankrupt and have to leave or are in the obligation to switch to another business.

Your success will depend entirely on your business model and ability to innovate.

Hi, just my two pence.

I have worked on two food business projects initiated by two different South African clients. (I am now handling another one in implementing his project, again in the food business)

Both of them are massive hits on the island, for two main reasons :

(1). The promoters did take into account local culture and behavior

(2). The promoters had no pretensions of imposing their standards on Mauritius...they came and adapted themselves while keeping a close eye on price-quality ratio,

Market intelligence, market and feasibility studies are essential. But these should be done while having a good grasp on local information.  Your business plan or contacts without the BOI will help in establishing the 'legal feasibility' but it wouldn't be enough to support a financial venture of its own.

So, for me, the first step is to understand the island where you plan to set feet on.


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Did you end up moving?

In case you intend to buy a house with enough space for all your family members, I have one property. I am not a property dealer so I will not claim any profit, I just want to relocate to a place close to my place of work. For now I am residing in the North of Mauritius near Grand Bay (Tourist Village). ***

As far as your business is concerned, the Government is very helpful to foreign businessmen and you may liaise with the Mauritian Board of Investment, they will guide you.


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@ Northwood - surely this SOUTH AFRICAN and therefore a non - Mauritian would NOT be allowed to buy your house though - you must know that??

I suppose when they get their Mauritian citizenship, they will automatically be entitled to buy property here.

NorthWood :

I suppose when they get their Mauritian citizenship, they will automatically be entitled to buy property here.

Well acquiring citizenship is largely hypothetical. Besides the number of years that one has to reside in Mauritius before he/she can make an application, there is no guarantee in getting naturalised.
This remains the prerogative of the Prime Minister's Office.

Meanwhile the property will have doubled or tripled its sale value or in a worst case scenario, there might be amendments to exiting legislation regarding acquisition of properties by foreigners.

bingo12 :

@ Northwood - surely this SOUTH AFRICAN and therefore a non - Mauritian would NOT be allowed to buy your house though - you must know that??

Non-citizen can still buy properties in Mauritius. However, they will have to fullfil the requirements of the Governement of Mauritius. There are different scheme that have been put in place so that non-Mauritians can buy properties.

If you are interested to know more, just let me know and I will send you more details.

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