Pit bull and pit bull mixes

I see pits and mix pits all over the island. So  why can't I bring my extensively trained service dog to live with me.  He is fixed chipped and  has his annual shots.  Our home in PR is fenced and secure.   Sooooo why ??????  Mixed messages

Dogs already in the island do not count, the law is about importing them. I would check with a lawyer, it would be a major issue if you try to bring it on the day of the move and they disallow your dog.
See link, second paragraph under dogs and cats. … FICATE.pdf

I would think it is aviolation of federal law, to deny a service dog.

Hey Mac
Interesting site

The issue is that a dog must be trained to help you in some way and you must have a disability. There does not seem to be any real certification so it is wide open to abuse. You can register your dog with one of these private firms, you can get id cards, but there is no goverment entity to my knowledge performing any sort of certification.
This can result in legitimate service dogs not being allowed into places since it is open to abuse.

To give you an example, the above place would sell you the kit, will let you register a moral support dog, but ..... as of my last reading, moral support dogs are not covered under the ADA.

Lack of clear goverment standards create opportunities for abuse and restaurant owners, hotels and others may not allow the dog because they can not tell the difference.

I am not saying service dogs are bogus, but some are. Not everyone follows the few rules that do exist.

Other than payment, I went thru the entire registration process and forms, it never asked me for anything related to disability or training of the dog. Had I payed, my 5 pound Toy Yorkshire would have been registered as a service dog with picture ID card, certificate of registration, working coat, etc. letter for housing and airlines from a doctor would simply be a few hundred dollars to get anything I wanted in there. Only needed for housing and airlines, other places not required.

I believe the site you posted the link to, is one of many sites that are not (what I'd refer to as) "real".  I'd trust more, the website of the ADA (Americans with disabilities Act), which does have specific guidelines for service animals.

Lulu; Check here, for the ADA guidelines for Service animals...

Lulu; I am wondering who told you that you cannot bring your dog to PR?

Yes Mac my dog is registered under the Americans With Disabilities Act. I'm just scared that my dog will be taken from me once we enter Puerto Rico  he is my life line

I was told if it was a pit mix they would confiscate my dog and euthanize him on the spot

...told by whom? I'd get hold of someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

I have a call in to the Puerto Rico Office of Americans with Disabilties Act.   I hope they allow him in it's not like I'm going to mate him he's fixed and a very sweet dog.

I just adopted a pit mix... also a very sweet dog!

Lulu822 :

I was told if it was a pit mix they would confiscate my dog and euthanize him on the spot

Whoever told you that is full of it!  That is an is complete hogwash - can't believe someone would say that!

Just take your dog with you to PR - most people we have met there love dogs and cats.  You will make friends with other dog owners and lovers.  :)

Hi! I know this post is from October, but did you get any news from the office about your service dog?

Thank you!

Justpeachyy :

Hi! I know this post is from October, but did you get any news from the office about your service dog?

Thank you!

Her status shows that was her last post. I have no indication she has login into the forum for a month or more not even to read messages.

I am also interested in hearing if that worked out for her.

Lulú has not visited the site in at least 7 months, unknown if we will hear from her in the future.

Yesterday 2 pit bull dug under the neighbor fence and attacked a 70 year old lady. They tore part of her calf and part of an arm. She is in the hospital recuperating. Dogs are with the owner which I do not understand, in my state they would be put to sleep and the owner suit.

This is the 3rd attack by pit bulls in the island, in the other two, they killed the 2 victims. The strange thing is that in all the 3 cases I read about, all the victims were over 70. Maybe it is something to do with the age.

I think it's people who don't take care of their animals. Which you see a lot of in PR.  Take any breed, dont train, them this is what happens. Such a shame. I wouldn't be surprised if they were unfixed strays.

What article did you read? I have seen two that says the owners are unknown and are in custody of animal control. … o-1226235/

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