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Cyclone season is not far off and I wondered what new  channels or websites you follow for weather reports on a regular basis.

This is a quick go to start off on weather news.

Mahajanga has not had any rain except for three passing showers over the last month.
It's plenty hot out here now which signals the change of wind and rains are not far off, perhaps, usually, maybe.
Time to buy my charcoal for cooking- 4 large bags at the cost of 75,000 FMG per bag weighing about 60 lbs will last me for 4 months.
Nothing worse than cooking with damp charcoal unless you are using sticks found along the road and forest.

Here are some great visuals of weather condition
AFRICA WEATHER SATELLITE PHOTOS Including Madagascar … hotos.html

I use, which covers the southern Indian Ocean. You can get satellite imagery of the region, or, if there is a looming storm, you can focus on that.

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