U.S. Social Security benefit increase for 2017

A small increase of 0.3 percent for recipients for 2017. It may be small but considering the chaos in the U.S. government, we can be glad it's not a cut in benefits......Yet.

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U.S. Social Security benfit increase

WOW..some is better than nothing....JOE's better than nothing...just hope SS recipients don't start going on a shopping spree.   Purpose of periodic increases in benefits is supposedly to help offset the increasing cost of living.   But increases in cost of living go up much faster than the increases in benefits.   So by the time the 0.3% kicks in the cost of living would have quadrupled already.  In reality, you only get poorer....particularly for SS recipient in the U.S.    Now for those in the Philippines....I suppose it's just the opposite....isn't it?


That's why we budget to live on what we have available. In our case it's enough to live simply and comfortably and still help family members who have less. We do what we can with what we have and at this point in time we are thankful that we receive anything at all considering the fact that the asylum that is the U.S. government is being run by the patients.

Yes, of course, TeeJay.....and that is prudent on the part many expats living there.   There are some...including some I know, live and spend indiscriminately.....and when they're out, they borrow. 
But I didn't quiet get your last line - "...considering the fact that the asylum that is the U.S. government is being run by the patients."
Just curious what you said in that line....just want to be sure I understood it correctly.  Thanks.

I was comparing the chaos in the U.S. government to an Asylum for the insane where the patients have taken over control from the doctors.

In other words the politicians, without regard to party affiliation, controlling the U.S. have to be insane to continue on the path they have put the nation on, or as many believe, it is intentional and is simply part of an agenda for "change".  That change is rejected or embraced based on the right of the individual to support the leaders and their policies they put in place. while disagreeing is also a right. Time will tell and whatever that change may be, let's hope it is beneficial to the country and the citizens.

Not preaching, simply my personal take on the dimwits in DC.

Back to the expat in the Philippines. Your comment about expats blowing all their cash and then borrowing is nothing more than immature and irresponsible if the money is spent frivolously. If they are broke because they have spent their money for the month on a family or medical emergency then attempting to borrow to make it through the month may be their only recourse.  That is also a subject for another post and I would welcome you to start a new one with regard to how expats spend their time and money in the Philippines and how lifestyle affects the budget as well as showing some constraint with regard to those spending habits. 



Thank you for clearing it up TeeJay.   Of course there would be unavoidable circumstances when such exceptions occur.   Yes, politics in the U.S. has reached chaotic proportions.  That's one of the reasons I want to get out of here.
   I will start a new subject to post as you suggested....just getting my thoughts together.   I am curious just how expats spend their time and money over there; and the topic of employment.  Are their really enough jobs to go around for expats over there?  Don't answer yet until I post my new subject.

And will the medicare part B increase to wipe out the extra monthly SS?  Average SS going up $4, so it wouldn't take much to wipe it out.


I agree, it's probably a wash. Better than a loss.


You know Teejay ,and other expat's commenting about our .03% SS increase for 2017 .  I never thought i would look at a 3-4 dollar monthly  increase as the glass 1/2 full. I date a nurse here working a 8-9 hour night shift at a private hospital . Her salary is 318 pesos  per night for her efforts to care for the sick. Its my understanding that the average SSS pension for a retired Filipino is around 1400 pesos per month, if your lucky . That is equal to about 30.00 US dollars per month. It just makes me appreciate  my life here and the fact that each month magically that 'ol SS shows up by direct deposit in dollars into my account here.

No, there are really no worthwhile jobs! A few work online, a few as illegal bar managers, a few work and get paid Filipino rates. Bring your weekly paycheck with you and learn to budget at what you want and not what others want!

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