MMA Muay Thai.

I know many people have posted on this topic but I'm looking for a Muay Thai/boxing/mma gym in khobar or or anywhere around the eastern region. Please let know if there is place for I have been searching for almost 6 months with no luck. Plus if you are trainer hit me up and let's exchange details.

Thanks for your help in advance

Let me know if you hear of anything I'm interested too in Muay Thai training.

Any joy with the muay Thai search folks?

Hello friend. Whatsapp me on xxx. I know a personal trainer that can give us classes

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I have coached in the past. I'm here from the UK. I'll be in AlKhobar for the next 3 weeks and then 3 weeks every month then on until I get my Iqamah. Although I was just looking for somewhere to train but since there is no MT available I'll be happy to coach/train if anyone is still interested. Are there any gyms locally that has a matted studio, punch bags, pads etc...

Hello mate hows things?

I`ll be in khobar from Saturday and i`d be keen to do some training. Good chance I`ll be banished elsewhere for work but would be keen to train once in Khobar. I`ll be bringing gloves and thai pads. Theres a hotel gym next to a bowling alley which has punching bags and a matted floor if i remember correctly.

Let me know if thats any use to you.

cheers mate

I know gym call hard rocks gym in Dammam they have all kind of martial arts class

is there is like a training club for mma here in riyadh

Hiya mate,

I'm leaving this week but back in Nov if you are still around?

Seems to be a few interested maybe we could get regular spot at the gym you are referring to.


Hello Guys ,

I am a former coach of Muay Thai ( during 5 years in France),

I can give lesson, please pm me.

Have you found a gym yet ? I'm interested in learning MT , what experience do you have etc

please contact Mr ehab

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