Anyone wants a swimming buddy ?

Hi guys.
I'm originally from Vietnam, went to the US for high school. I'm now back in HCMC to take some gap years before heading back to the US for college next year. I was in the swim team when i was in high school so i can say i'm a semi-pro swimmer. I still go swimming everyday. Anyone or any coach wants a swimming buddy ? i would love to have some companions with me cause swimming session can get really really boring sometimes. If u don't know how to swim but willing to learn, i can teach you some basis .
Hit me up if u interested

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Maybe in India they do that because all they can think about is woman. In the US, we take swimming serious. It's not always about dating like in ur country. It's about having fun and make memories. That's what we do in the US . And why the hell would i want a date if im only here for a year ?

mondrahul:  He doesn't need to seek swimming buddies for dates.  I swim laps, not at all competitively, but I find it is easier to keep myself motivated if I swim with my wife rather than alone.   If I swim alone, I frequently cut my workout short.

Besides he may have the ultimate aphrodisiac for Viet women going for him: the blue passport or the second best, a green card.

@ gigahyperprime > I invite you to post an ad in the Sport partners in Ho Chi Minh City section, it might help you  :)

Have a nice day,

Priscilla  :cheers:

where are you swimming at?

At a private pool near my house. Water is always clean

where though? is it a lap pool?

District 10, on Su Van Hanh street, it's a 25meter lap pool

ah.. a little far for me :(

Where do u live ? We can settle a pool in between our places

There is Olympic-size swimming pool for serious swimmer in D11 which is not too far from your place. It's worth to give a try. The water is average. … 06.6596159

But my best one (Olympic-size swimming pool) + 2 other smaller ones next to it. The cleanest one in D1. It's Yet Kieu: … 06.7062471

I might join you guy if you don't mind to motivate myself.


Yes, I found Yet Kieu to be cleanest compared with a few others I have tried around the city. The only issue is the tight opening hours. The 11-2pm hours is the most quiet time. Let me know if you guys want to organise something.

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