moving to Canada

my name is Ameed am from Palestine  me and my girl friend we r planing to move to Canada she is Canadian but for me i will have some problems with the visa so any one with experience could till me the best way????
and am planing to study there and work and start my life in a better chances is this possible there ????
i have some careers am a sound tec and am shoes maker and  designer can i work with these there ???

Hey, Bro!!

I´m moving to Canada as well, and I hope to be there this coming January, I going to tell you how I´m doing it, nevertheless, I think you have an advantage if your girlfriend is a Canadian, if and when she is willing to help you.

The best way to go over there is as a student, you can apply for a postgrad - 2 years-  course and that kind of visa allows you to ask for a work permit -part time- once you have finished that course you can ask for a full-time work permit and get Canadian experience which helps you to ask for a resident visa once you complete at leat a year of experience as a Canadian worker.

It may take some time, but I think is the best and easy way, because you´ll stay there while you´re taking the process.

That´s the way I´m doing it right now. 

I hope that information can help you.

Cu in Canada!!

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