i came to ho chi min city a week ago, our daughter caught a flu and she is coughing with a high fever took her to a local hospital they told me they dont attend to foreigners that i have to go to an international hospital who can recomend a hospital with a good pediatrician? and we are also not finished the jabs where can we go?

Hey there,

Victoria International Healthcare -District 1

Thats where my Vietnamese wife takes me and my son to.

Its not cheap... but then this has Doctors who can understand you and recommend right medicine. This is like our family clinic with high cost, but we have no issues with money, need good service.

Hope this helps you.

Jus for info.. some of our Baby Sons vaccinations we do here. You can rely on this for a good Pediatric Clinic.

Probably the best Childrens Hospital in VN is Nghi Dong 2 , 14 Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh.

However, it is a Vietnamese hospital, so the conditions don't look too nice but the staff see thousand of patients and know what to do. They do treat foreigners, costs are very low but as said, conditions not too good.

If that is not an option, the next place down town would be the Hanh Phuc International clinic/hospital on 97, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Prices are medium but in severe cases they won't be able to treat (no ICU etc...) but that's a clean place and they speak fluent English.

If none of them are what you want/need, out in Binh Duong is a large top quality hospital with neonate ICU and modern equipment.

Thank you guys!!

Family Medical Practice has pediatricians and some of their doctors are foreigners as well.

I took my daughter when she was sick to Nhi Dong 2 and wouldn't do it again. The doctors deal with children everyday but the place is crowded kids can easily contract other diseases. But the doctors are competent. Just don't ask questions and be direct in your responses otherwise they will lecture you.

Nancy on Tran Hung Dao St. is a good pediatric clinic.  The building is clean and well maintained, the staff are well trained but only some of the doctors speak English.  It usually isn't overcrowded so you don't have to wait too long.  I have taken my son there for 5 years.  The doctor I usually see is Dr. Mai Thi Bon, he can speak english flluently.

Harry2233 :

The doctor I usually see is Dr. Mai Thi Bon, he can speak english flluently.

Is Dr. Mai Thi Bon a man?  I know there are exceptions but the name would seem to say otherwise.

Thi in the middle name is usually indicative of females.

But I get your joke lol.

Khanh: Was Family Medical Practice able to provide you with a good vaccination schedule?  I recall you had some concerns in that area.

My wife and I recently found out that she had a prior infection with Hep B.  She was tested first and found out that way.  Her doctor, a 2nd generation Viet woman, is having her take a booster anyway as her resistance titer measured low.  She probably had it as a young child as she had no recollection and of course no records.  I think this shows there may be a need to consider some vaccinations that are not regularly given to children in western countries.  I know that even as adults, we are trying to cover all our bases well before returning to Vietnam.  It would be good if someone could pass on a desirable vaccination program to people who may be planning to bring children to Vietnam.   Some people may feel better about getting it done even before getting on the plane.

I take my 1.5 year old daughter to Trung tâm Chăm sóc Sức khoẻ Sinh sản at Quan 11 every month or so according to the schedule for her various shots. Won't find it on google map unless you zoom into the street.

It's not that busy so you can be in and out quickly. It's far from where I live cost me $700,000 dong car ride each trip but rumours from locals say they give good shots that don't cause you pain or sickness afterwards.

I was surprised by the level of service at this Vietnamese clinic though. They actually offer unsolicated advice for my baby and my wife could ask questions pertaining our daughter's health. Not bad for just a needle shot. The staff seemed caring too.

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