Has anyone had problems with using apple computers for your home country, e.g. internet very slow. We live in Meishan which is south of Chengdu, our internet is poor but the internet company tech who has the same apple mac as me works fine. They suggest we buy one from here, any thoughts.


Problem is not in PC, but internet. Inside China speed is ok, but especially evening any web from abroad are very slow, many days impossible used at all. And it is place to place, in many location internet is not useable also during day for abroad pages. it is China...

ha ha ha ... don't listen to them... its all bullxxxx... your computer just needs a "real Tech" to adjust your settings...or you can actually do it yourself...its not rocket science...

The "Great Wall Spy Chip" is missing in your Mac. Without this spy chip, the Internet is very slow in China. Ask your Tech to install the spy chip and every will work fine.


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