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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to be self-employed (occupation permit), running my own business then, and have other businesses on the side, like being a shareholder of a company, or opening another business (different company) on my own (or with other shareholders) ?

Or maybe I must apply for investor occupation permit then ? But it is more difficult as the income must be more than 4.000.000 Rs for the business of the occupation permit registration I think...

Thanks a lot for help !

Hi jojo. Can i have your email add? My husband is specialist in this area. I will ask him for the advise. Or you can email me the detail. ***

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Your self-employed status is based on your professional qualification. Normally it's related to liberal professions like doctors, lawyers, consultants, etc. It is not related to 'business' or 'commercial' components.

Once you have a residency permit (in any type of Occupation Permit / residence permit) - you can incorporate your company. This can also be done without a residency permit, the difference is that you will need a resident director (every company needs at least 1 resident director). If you have a residency elsewhere, you can be the 'only' resident director in your company. There's no absolute need to have an investor permit, your Self-employed permit can play the game.

You are free to open as many companies as you want.
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Hi Nadeem,
Thanks a lot for your answer.
I have many people who told me this :)
It seems not to be a problem then.
Thanks again !

I want ti invest 7000000 Rs in mauritios .please give idea.
Thank you

Shreeramp :

I want ti invest 7000000 Rs in mauritios .please give idea.
Thank you

Do you also want to move to Mauritius or just invest and remain in India, presuming you are in India at the moment?

What type of investment are you looking at ?

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