What would life be like for a black person visiting Chile?

I'm considering going to work in Santiago, Chile. I'm black British and wondered how my experience would be for the 6 months I'd be there.

I think it would be great! It is unusual to see people of color in Chile so you would be unique!
Racism exists everywhere but here I've not heard much along those lines.
A smile and an attempt at spanish are always helpful no matter your skin color.

They will stare at you sometimes, but it's normal and it isn't in a bad way just curiosity. Wear a che Guevara top and you should be fine or better an Allende top when amongst the locals on the bus or train. They thought I was from Easter island lol and I'm Melanesian so I'm quite dark. Smile. Smile. And smile. chat to some girls, I never tried because I'm married, but let me know if you hav fun bro. Peace

Hi Toui,

Thanks for your reply, I ended up not going anymore [through no fault of mine]. I do speak Spanish, as I lived in Spain for a couple of years and I was really looking forward to going to Santiago. Well I ended up somewhere closer to home - Dublin.

I was very interested to hear that you are Melanesian, I managed to visit Fiji during a contract in New Zealand. This was a rather pleasant and uprising experience for me, I remember walking into a clothes shop and all the girls in there saw the look of pleasant surprise on my face and went on to tell me all out the origins of peoples in that area. I hope I can return to that part of the world again one day... and maybe get a chance to visit Melanesia.

bye for now and best wishes

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