Has anyone here lived in South Korea too?

Has anyone here currently living in Japan also lived in South Korea for at least a year? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you miss anything? Is there anything that you could do without? How was the transition for you?

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Thank you for your thoughtfulness. However, I posed this question to people living in Japan. I have lived in both Korea and Japan and would like to start a discussion with people living in Japan who have lived in Korea in the past. Thanks for your understanding. Would it be possible to restore the post to its original location?

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Thank you for your post. It is now on the Japan forum.

Hi-- I lived in SoKo for 6 years before moving out to Japan.  I'd love to chat about the differences, likes and don't likes because I miss Korea a lot but have begun adjusting to life here in Japan. Send me a DM.
P.S Have you been to Koreatown in Osaka yet?

Very nice, let's definitely chat!

And to answer your question, yes I have been to Korean Town in Osaka. It isn't too far from me.

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