Experience at Kanantik Resort, Stann Creek Province Belize

Hello All

I want to take a moment and document my recent trip to Belize and my experiences at Kanantik Resort, Belize.  In early June I traveled with My Wife Victoria to Kanantik Resort, Belize. Victoria and I spent five days at the resort and found the experience pleasant and positive.

We stayed at the Kanantik Beachside Resort and found the amenities to be of excellent quality and quantity.  The cabanas were of typical local construction with concrete walls and thatched roofing.  The interior of the cabana was clean, comfortable and well appointed with air conditioning to ensure comfort.   The restaurant and bar served a combination of local and North American fare.  The food and drink quantities and quality were excellent.  There was also a salt water swimming pool and hot tub which were absolutely gorgeous and enjoyable.  Finally, there were the beaches at the resort.  The beaches were clean and the water was generally shallow with no sudden drop-off.  The overall appearance of the resort was well manicured and clean.

While at the resort we were treated with  two boat trips to the barrier reef islands.  The first trip was to an uninhabited island for a day of fishing, swimming, and snorkeling.  The water was calm, warm and had amazing clarity.  Victoria caught a squirrel fish which she was advised by the boat crew was venomous.  I enjoyed snorkeling and swimming in the beautiful waters.  The second boat trip was to a resort island owned by a third party vendor.  We enjoyed a day of swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, dining and relaxing.

We also were invited to travel to a local three-tiered water fall with a lagoon at the foot of each tier of the water fall.  We enjoyed a day of frolicking in the cool fresh water of the lagoons. At the end of the day, we were invited to enjoy food and drinks at a local bar and grill courtesy of our hosts.

During our stay, we also toured residential properties for sale and had a sales meeting.  We found the lots to be of a generous size with good views in the savannah area of the resort. I was pleasantly  surprised the sales meeting was not high pressure. We met with a local banker to advise us of local financing options and banking choices.

I guess the final question is did we buy a property at the Kanantik Resort.  No, we did not choose to purchase at this time.  The reasons being three-fold: 1) We were hoping for a property on or very close to the beach, 2)  We felt the resort currently lacked infrastructure in the housing developments, 3) We wanted the time and opportunity to explore other available options.

I want to thank our hosts at Kanantik Resort for a fun, enjoyable and informative vacation.  Special thanks to Luke, Robert, Mario and Arysbet for the time and work to make our trip to Kanantik happen.  We also want thank the resort staff for the great hospitality, service and the attention they gave to us during our stay.  We will fondly keep Kanantik Resort in our memory as a great vacation spot and a possible homestead.

Victoria and George

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