regarding EP cat1 visa cencelation

Dear fellows,
I live in kuala lumpur last 3 years, I was working in a company with my fellow country man who is partner of the malay company. I have been struggling these company 2 years with minimum salary coz they give me living fooding also. After having my visa which is expired on march 2018, so july 2016 I was asking them to increse my salary though they took almost 15k from me to process cat1 expatriate visa. After questing my salary they are bulling with me and insulted. Mr chairman also said after having visa I have shown my real face, though they are taking money from me for my visa. After having rough conversation mr chairman told me to leave if I dont want to work with these salary. Thats why I leave that company and go back my home country. After 3 months I get back to KL. Now they cancel my visa with lots of wrong aligations. Now what to do. Im scared to live in malaysia.

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