MM2H delays in the approval process?

Hello there!,

I have applied for MM2H visa about 3 months ago via an agent.
I have been told that the normal 60-90 days for approval is currently higher because of some changes in the ministry of tourism or similar.

Are you aware of such situation? What is the  average approval time? still 60/90 days?

I would greatly appreciate your input and help !


There is delay coz theres a new director for immigration..many new implementations

My application  been done 4 months ago and still pending with no record on line !!??

jetpack - you usually get an acknowledgement letter when the application has been received and is being processed.

The minimum time to get it through the committee (which meets twice a month) is 90 working days i.e. 5 months. Usually you can check the status online at the website. It says pending until the application is approved. The database is updated (7-10 days after approval committee meeting). The approval letter is then prepared and mailed.

Contact to make an enquiry if necessary. One of the complications is if a person is holding some sort of Malaysian immigration status e.g. work permit, etc. The MM2H cannot usually be approved in this situation.

Thanks for your thoughts. I am in fact holding employment pass and applied for the mm2h.

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