What is your experience as chinese citizen living in the Netherlands


My name is Kris. Im Dutch and live and study chinese in Shanghai.

Im new here. And the reason sign myself up is because want to help my chinese girlfriend.
Finding people with experience living in the Netherlands

Im seeking information for my chinese girlriend.
We are planning getting maried soon.
And i want to take her with me to the Netherlands.

We been there before. but just for traveling.

my question to anyone

1. Do you know any tips or forums. where chinese people tell about their lifestyle  in the Netherlands.?
And was it easy to stay for you in the netherlands. or where there any visa issues.?
How was your experience in finding work there?

Last time we came with a shengen visum for her.  But we want to stay manage to stay longer now.
Does it makes a big different if were married there? Anybody experience with this?

For myself. i want to find dutch companies that do business in China and that need dutch people that can speak chinese.
All tips are welcome.

After some years. Moving  back to Shanghai.

Back for my girlfriend.
3.Does she need to study here in order to work. Or is she aloud to work parttime.?

4.Laaste vraag ze studeerd momenteel al een beetje nederlands. How important is om het te beheersen voor een baan in Nederland. Had begrepen dat ze haar officiele documenten nodig van haar university in China. of is kopie genoeg?

Laaste vraag is het makkelijk voor chinese om een semester op de universiteit te volgen.
Had gehoord dat de kosten voor chinese aardig kunnen oplopen?

Thank you very much.
Looking forward to hear from you

Thank you very much

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