Female tennis partner in Riyadh

Hello! Hope all is good. I'm looking for a female tennis partner in Riyadh. Let me know if anyone is interested

Hi Selzein,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Sport partners in Riyadh section of the website so that interested members may contact you.

All the best,
Bhavna just so happens that i was searching for any sort of tennis course or program or training ..coz i really wanted to learn (am very beginner)  another thing is, do they have female tennis courts in riyadh and where?

Thanks a bunch!!

Well there's a court in al manahlil which is in DQ, you can rent out the court for an hour and bring your racquet with you. I'm self taught so I'd say a bigginer as well.
But there's tennis courses as well if you want.

Ok thank you for your reply... How much is an hour? And have you found yourself a partner yet or are you still looking..??

No worries! Any time :) Last time I checked it was for 50 an hour. I'm still looking actually


I would like to playing Tennis

Is there a tennis court in riyadh for a female and male player?


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