thinking about moving in the future

I have already been in Thailand once and I am going to travel there for the second time next month. I am already looking after buying a condo inside or arround Bangkok.
Is there any area arround or close to Bangkok city which also is close to beaches? In google maps I can see the southern part of Bangkok is located close to the coast. Is there any beautiful beaches there?

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The Samut Prakan region immediately south of BKK is beautiful, you have lush green and lots of places to trek, clean air, etc.
As for beaches, you must go further to find really clean water.

You may google Samut Prakan beaches, ask, or visit to find people who use to trek around BKK.

Hello Sam,
The closest beaches around Bangkok are located in Bang Saen; for sure it is not the nicest beaches that you can find in Thailand but it is very convenient when you just want to go for 1 day as it is located between 45 min and 1h out of Bangkok city center.
My wife is Thaie and works as a real estate agent in Bangkok for many year; so once you will have a better view of what condo you are looking for and also the area that you would prefer, please feel free to let me know and I could help you in your search.

Talk to you soon and have a nice trip in Thailand.

you have been to Thailand once....and now you want to buy a advice to one for a year. 
as for beaches....south of Thailand is good but it s a trouble region.

Hi Sam,
It's a really common problem.
I  have lived and loved Bangkok for nearly Ten Years.I am happily settled here with my Thai wife and my six year old Son.
Where Should You Stay. Should You Rent or Buy an Apartment.
Slow down and think, take your time, ponder a lot !
Travelling is Fun, living somewhere can be a real pain !
You have a several major problems and that is your Visa, and how are you you going to earn Money. Both of these are major stumbling blocks when considering a move to Thailand!
The current situation in Thailand with The Sad Death of The Thai King will no doubt lead to uncertainty.
Location is crucial, travelling is a huge problem if you choose to travel to work by car or motorbike. If you are going to work in The City or close to the City you need to be located really close to MRT or BTS lines.
Consider renting for a few months, try a couple of different locations and get a feel for this awesome but very, very diverse city!
Travelling in a Country and living in a Country are two totally different experiences.
If you want to come To Bangkok and Thailand try to sample as many local businesses as you can, I am running an e magazine, information hub and a directory for local businesses in Laos and Thailand.
To get really nice beaches you may consider going east along the coast, the Beach at Sattahip near Rayong are a favourite with my Thai friend's.

Feel free to contact me for a chat anytime.

Kenny idoindigo.

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Thanks a lot for your input.
It is quite correct that living in a country is not camparable with living there. I'm aware of that. I have no plans to buy an apartement in the next trip but in the future. I plan to retire in a few years and then  have an income to live there. But you are right. It's a good idea to rent at the beginning to get a clear impression of the city and the country. Right now I will just look around in Bangkok. Therefore, I was curious about areas close to the beach.

and if you think a nice condo near the BTS in the heart of BKK is cheap, you are going to have a big surprise

hi,i have been visiting many parts of thailand for 11yrs now..last yr i bought a very nice condo at cosy beach,next to pattaya..i am still very happy with everything about it....i did lots of research and looked at many before i bought.....i know lots of people dont like pattaya,but i only go there 1or2 times a week for the nightlife,otherwise jjomtien or the local area has everything...most of the anti-pattaya ites,are anti everything,likewise,most of the people who say dont buy a condo-dont actually have any wuold be beat to rent for a while 1st...i made sure that i got a reduced price...i would not suggest buying of the plan{too many problems with developers}.pattaya is good,close and easy to get to from bkk,reasonable pricing,lots to do.easy to live away from bar scene...etc etc

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