Talent pass for Malaysia

As I am looking for a job here for quite some time but no luck, I was wondering if my husband applies for a Talent pass would I have a  better chance of getting work if he gets the pass... has any spouse got a job on a Talent pass ? Pls share.

Wouldnt make a difference..what talent pass are you referring to?

It's  for ten years then u don't need employment pass

Hi please guide me how can I get talent pass and it given for 10years at once or need to renew after centain period. X

In most cases you can't get this type of visa. It's reserved for individuals with extremely high qualifications, I know multiple PhDs with years of highly sought after skills turned down. Ironically several gave up and found work in the US and end ended up with a green card in just a few years. It was easier for them to go to the US than get anything more than the 2 years work permit to stay in Malaysia.

Actually does anyone know of anyone getting this type of visa? I don't and I've been in and out of Malaysia for 20 years. In one case I know a PhD university Professor teach aerospace engineering for 10 years at UPM, married to a Malaysian woman and her cannot get either a PR or a 10 years visa. I've heard of a fair amount of fraud as well with agents promising to be able to acquire this type of visa as well.

Hopefully someone knows something that I don't and can help you, I wouldn't put much hope in this type of visa.

You can only apply for the residence talent pass if you have been working in Malaysia for 3 years..paid your tax for 2 years..have a valid employmemt pass when applying the talent pass and your annual salary should be 144,000..i have assisted ppl to apply for this pass so its not impossible if you meet all the criterias

Didn't think impossible, but not veryet easy from what I hear.

Thanks a lot for information.

If you meet all the criterias its not that hard

Hi Shehaz,

Can you please advise if the base salary should be 12k monthly or the 144k requirement covers the bonuses and allowance?

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