Photography group in Ludvigsburg area

Guten Tag,
I am the artist, photographer and I am going  to organise a group of people being also fans of photography (both amateurs and proffessionals). I would like us to meet together from time to time, hang aroud the choosen town and take photos. In the near future I am also thinking of indoor meetings to study and practice some Photoshop skills and also making our photo exhibitions. Our group will have a facebook page and then will be easier to create events. Is there someone who would be interested to take a part?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Marta
if you want to meet people in Germany, when you move here, this could be a good way to find new friends!
Search on if there are already groups in your area, in negative case, just create a new one.

ciao, Angelo

Thank you Angelo,
Good avice. However the reason of creating a new group is that I like to organise things and  to be a creator. :-) But of course I will check all posibilities. Maybe you will join too. :)

I don't know very well about creating a group, but I think that when there are some people interested, organizing activities will be easy.

First I am waiting for responces and also some ideas from interested people. Then I will create a group on facebook. Let's wait. This group need not to be big. A few people is OK.

I'm interested! 🙌🏻
I'll be moving to Germany this January and would like to join such gatherings.
But first I'd be honest, my photography is limited to my travel pictures taken from my phone 😌
I would love to learn more about photography and editing skills though. I really like browsing those professional looking blogger shots in instagram. 😀

Hi Marta
Any news? :-)

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